Traffic Violations

The consequences of a traffic ticket range from insurance hikes to a ruined record or lost driving privileges. When consequences loom dauntingly and you wonder what your next step should be, it’s time to seek solid legal counsel. Get help with speeding tickets, limited driving privileges, DWI, driving while license revoked. Read more…

criminal court

Criminal Matters

When you or someone you love is implicated for a misdemeanor crime, drug offense or a DWI, make calling Deborah Huynh a priority. Your timeliness can help a defense team solidify a defense strategy. Services include DWI, Expunctions, probations, drug offenses, misdemeanor crimes, felonies, and juvenile delinquency. Read -More…



An expunction – or an expungement – is a process that allows qualifying individuals to have charges taken off their criminal record. Basically, an expunction means that your offense is erased, which can improve your chances of your finding a job, renting a home, or getting into the school of your choice. Read more…